spare parts  unit special  material 
Diesel engine 1 16 HP Advanced brand iron cast 
Changfa diesel engine
Reducer      High quality adjustable  Iron cast 
Impeller 16 670 x 210 mm HDPE
Floats 6

1750  x 320  x 220 mm

HDPE  and UV- proof
Weight: 7.2 kg
Movable joint    / Nylon 
Drive shaft     / Solid, 304# Stainless steel 
Rectangular Frame  1 1100 mm x 350 mm  304# stainless steel 
Block bearing  2 Height: 110 mm-130 mm 304# stainless steel 
screws  2 304# stainless steel 
Packaging Volume   1.6 cbm   
Net Weight    400 kg  
20' Container   16 units  
40 HQ Container   40 units  




    1. High efficiency oxygen transferring ability:  

    2. Water current circulation with longer water flow and larger water splash
  Main parts Motor
Original China
Power 0.75 kw ( 1hp)
Phase 3 ph / 1 ph
RPM 1440/50 hz , 1700/60 hz
Frame no. 90#
 Adopting  automated coiler machine, our high-efficiency paddlewheel motor is made of 100% new copper wire and every motor will be tested in quality, longevity, lower amp. and power consumption.
Main parts Reducer
Item no. Chinese 90#
Original China
Ratio 1:14, 1:16
Oil liter 0.8 L
Weight 15 kg

 The efficiency of the bevel gear is superior than a conventional worm gear as the bevel gear can substantially reduce motor amperage by 25% as well as input power by 33%, and thus become the perfect choice to couple with our new generation of paddle wheel aerators. It will save much energy and your electricity bill

  Main parts Impeller
Material PP
Size 660 mm x 190 mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Original China
Option item see spare parts: paddles
Quantity 2 pcs
 1. Unique one-piece design with fortified structure made from non-recycled polypropylene material which makes the paddle sturdy, tough,impact-resistant, and less prone to fracture.
2. 8 pcs-vane paddle design is superior than 6 pcs-vane design paddle, allowing more frequent water splashe and better DO supply.
Main parts Float
Material 100% new HDPE
Size 1630 x 320 x 200 mm
Weight 5.5 kg
Original China
Quantity 2 pcs
 1. Made from virgin HDPE material with excellent ductility
2. Integral blow molded formation, no water seeping problem
3. Excellent in withstanding larger impact, corrosion-free and weathering
4. 100% new material with dimensional design for higher stability of  aerator in operation
  Supporting Bearing Movable joint
 No aging or cracking problem for the specially made nylon body. Stainless steel movable joint is suitable for whatever sea water or fresh water. Never rust
  Cardan  1HP high speed floating aerator 304# Shaft



Made of 304# stainless steel, which could effectively prevent the corrosion from sea water




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