Core values: Pioneering, innovation, truth-seeking, integrity

Entrepreneurial spirit: loyalty, unity, dedication, enterprising

Business philosophy: quality builds quality products

Corporate vision: Zhongqing Yiju creates brilliant

Business philosophy: appreciating and appreciating, thick and thin hair, a large number of reading, reading a lot, understanding the nature of things, a small amount of slow use of guidance and practice; continue in large numbers, fully, a small amount, slowly release . Only when you are prepared can you do a good job.

Management philosophy: people-oriented, pursuit of excellence

Enterprise tenet: Zhengde Housheng


We advocate:

Seriously responsible and managing effective employees is the company's greatest asset, and the company needs you!

We believe:

The team of seeking truth from facts, unity and cooperation, and innovation and dedication make the internal mechanism active, and always maintain a coordinated and pragmatic development.

We insist:

Democratic decision-making, wisdom is fully exerted; authority management, responsibility is implemented.

We pursue:

The interests of the customers are fundamental interests of our survival and development. The surpluses are good, the ones are far-reaching, and the winners are winning.